Green Gas Engine as a Future of Power Generation

gas engine

Gas has long been known as a good energy source to produce electricity. For several decades, people develop gas engine  to help them provide electricity. Nowadays, people already aware that gas engine is the best-suited engine to be used with natural gas energy. This option is perhaps capable to help humanity avoid their dependency to fossil resources. With the development of eco-friendly technology, green gas engine is finally manufactured.

Green gas engine or eco-friendly gas engine is widely known as power and electric source of green cars and other transportations. Those engines run on liquefied natural gas, not on fossil fuel. The latest information available is that eco-friendly natural gas engine has been used for ship and train to get closer to eco-friendly future. Hopefully, several years later, domestic transportations including cars can use natural gas easily as their energy sources. Although this is hard to achieve since government should build and society should change their energy consumption habits.

Industrial green gas engine commonly use gas fuel from biogas, landfill gas or natural gas for its energy source to do heavy-duty works. In Japan, an epoch gas engine has been made and capable to give 48.5% electrical efficiency in the year of 2007. Today, the 49% electrical efficiency is already available. It has been reported that this green gas engine power plant can produce 110MW in 2012. With this new green gas engine, factories will be able to get lower operational cost to spend during production. This green gas engine is also lowering carbon emissions to benefits the environment.

Beside its abundant energy resources, gas engine can be used to gain more benefit from its operation. Beside electricity, gas engine can also release steam and high temperature water. The good news is, steam and high temperature water are still capable to be used for other needs. Steam-powered machine can get the power from the steam that flows from the gas engine. High temperature water can be used for hot water need in winter, or altered as cold water during summer using chiller. In the end, this multi-usage operation can cover the cost of building gas engine.



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