Green Factory Brings Energy Efficiency to a Higher Level

Energy Efficiency

Since energy becomes more and more important, many factories use energy in a wrong manner. To pursue high productivity, most factories pay no attention to energy efficiency . What matter for them is just how to get factories’ best production quantities. If that situation continues, fossil energy soon depleted. Factories are no longer able to produce anything without energy. The raise of electricity cost for production is also plays important role to increase production cost. Related to these facts, green factory concept is urgently required to raise energy efficiency and preserve environment.

There are several basic principles that are needed to be applied by factories. This is officially called as a ‘green factory’ and it will definitely raise energy efficiency. These basic principles must be implemented in a form of energy sustainable design for the factory. This design involves some aspects, such as optimize potential site to minimize non-renewable energy source, use machines or products that are eco-friendly, protect and conserve any water usage, and improve indoor environmental situation. All those principles can be accommodated by saving electricity using LED lighting system, water purification along with rain water harvesting, solar PV for electricity, solar heater for hot water need, and a careful waste water treatment.

Implementing energy efficiency system in the factory gives solutions to the increase of operation cost lately. The high demand on electricity has made cost to provide this power higher and higher day by day. This fact does not only make factory’s owner worry, but also people who are the consumer of the products that are made in that factory. Product’s price will get higher, and it will be hard for people to buy one or two. After several moments, the company will be bankrupt due to less and less profit overtime.

Green factory will help to save the environment as well as lowering production cost. By pressing fossil energy consumptions, a healthier effect for environment can be assured. Pollution and greenhouse effect can be minimized to save people’s future. Aside from social concern, eco-friendly energy definitely can lower production cost. Even with the same amount of energy, factory may gain more benefits for its production activity. The most important is, green factory put the energy efficiency at a higher level than conventional factory.


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